Rewiring Your Brain for A Better Life

Rewiring Your Brain for A Better Life

We all want to carve our own little niche of greatness in our lives. We want to be successful in our careers, we want to be better parents and spouses, we want to be healthy and happy. That’s why self-help courses and self-improvement books sell like wildfire. Each and every one of us has something in their life that they want to improve.

You can start changing your life right now by rewiring your brain. Brain rewiring is not a fad or a bogus buzzword. The scientific term is Neuroplasticity, which means the brain‘s amazing capacity to change habits, beliefs and behaviors by forming new neural connections called “pathways”. You can literally change your life by changing the way your brain perceives things!

Rewiring your brain is the simple solution to a better life and overall wellbeing. Almost every single self-improvement method uses one or another brain rewiring technique.
Here are three of the most powerful brain rewiring tips that you can start practicing today:

Rewiring Your Brain for A Better Life

#1: Visualize your future
Visualize your life 5, 10 or 15 years from now when you have achieved your life goal. Perhaps it’s 10 years from now and you are the proud owner of your own business. Visualize this in great detail; where your business is located, what the interior looks like, what you and your employees are doing and how happy your clients are with your services.

Or perhaps it’s 5 years from now and you and your family are finally settled in your dream home. Visualize this in great detail; what color is the exterior? What do you have on the front lawn? Is it winter or summer? Next, visualize yourself walking inside and imagine the rooms, the furniture, the wall colors; perhaps you and your family are seated around the dinner table…

Really immerse yourself in this future scenario and try to visualize as many details, sounds, colors and smells as possible.

Visualization is not empty daydreaming but a very powerful brain rewiring tool. It literally tells your brain that this is something relevant and valuable for you – and your brain will rewire to guide you towards that reality!
Visualization l keeps your brain fueled and positive and will motivate your r subconscious to alert you to always be alert to opportunities that will help you achieve your goal.
Visualization makes your brain aware of your purpose – and it’s loads of fun too boot!

#2: Challenge your negative self-talk
Even when you are silent, your brain is not, Have you ever noticed the constant stream of “self-talk” running through your head? Sometimes, these thoughts can be negative and damaging to motivation and self-confidence. And if you let them go unchallenged, your brain will, over time, believe them to be truths. A constant stream of negative thoughts will make you a pessimist.

Monitor your self-talk and confront the negative. Dismiss the thought immediately and replace it with something positive. For example, if you start thinking, “I’m so bad at this! I’ll never get it right…” replace the thought immediately with something like, “If other people can do it well then so can I…” or “I’m going to practice until I can do this blindfolded.” This is the mindset of great, successful people. Rewiring your brain with positive self-talk will bring massive change to your life.

Rewiring Your Brain for A Better Life

#3: Embrace a Positivity
This is easier said than done when your hectic lifestyle filled with challenging and stressful situations.
However, you can find ways to embrace a positive perspective and train your brain to remain calm and positive throughout the day. Try the following tips:

* Practice gratitude often throughout your day and stop taking things for granted. You will never be at a loss to find something to be thankful for, such as a warm, sunny day or a sales clerk who goes out of their way to help you. Staying mindful of your blessings trains your brain to remain positive and uplifted.* Practice affirmations to rewire your brain so that it always sees the positive side of things
* Surround yourself with positive, upbeat people.
* Meditate or pray
* Post inspirational quotes and uplifting pictures were you can see them often
* Always make time to unwind and do something that you enjoy.
Do these things often and regularly and you will begin to notice the change as your brain starts to enforce these positive associations

Your life is going to change for the better when you practice these three techniques. They cost nothing, are super easy and you can start practicing them as soon as you finish reading this!
Your only challenge will be in consistent and frequent practice, The more you practice, the faster your brain will stay forming those new neural connections.

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