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Smarter Content Marketing

Successful content marketing requires more effort and thought, and it requires a more complex strategy than ever before, but it’s certainly not difficult to do. 

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Unlocking The Expert In You

We all have an idea in our mind of what makes an expert. For most of us, the idea of becoming one ourselves seems somewhat unattainable. Those “experts” are way too far out of reach for the average person, right? They’re the people who eat, sleep, and breathe their topic. They’ve spent a lifetime getting to where they are. That kind of success, that kind of expertise, is untouchable.

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26 Rules Of Online Marketing

Here are the fundamental truths of online marketing, of life, and of the universe. Okay, maybe they’re not so grand as all that – I’ll let you decide.

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  99 Free Tools You Need Now!

Who Is Avery Thompson?

Early in 2007, I received an email from a friend of mine in Tampa, FL, who was so thrilled to tell me about a money making opportunity that I had to try. I had always, since the time I was a child, wanted to own a business. I can recall selling Ms Good Cookies and Frozen Cool Aid in the summer time to my friends in the neighborhood. This was the start of the spark I always had to be a business owner. My friend told me that I could make money simply putting links on my web site and get money for them. Of course, never hearing of anything like this, I was a total skeptic. “So your telling me that simply putting a link on a website would make me money?” This was the start of my intense research and studies into online marketing, and was I blown away with the information that I was learning about!  

I would spend the next 4 to 6 months just researching opportunities and various companies that were claiming to provide money to anyone interested in becoming “independent representatives. I built my first website, which was a basic site since I really didn’t know what I was doing. I put a few links on it and KABAAAM!! NOTHING!!! Like many beginners, I was thinking a few links on the site today, and cash tomorrow, but didn’t realize the process of internet marketing. After a few more months, and learning the ends and outs, I started to see success with my endeavors. Within 4 months after my first failed attempt, I received a check from Share A Sale, one of many affiliate marketing companies online, for $200.00. The next two weeks, another check for $325.00, then another two weeks, $225.00, and the checks just kept rolling in, all from just a link on my site. From that point on , I was convinced that internet marketing worked and decided to create a site where I could share valuable tools and resources for anyone wanting to get involved in online marketing. I’m sure there is something of value you will find as you view the site to help aid in your online marketing adventures!


How To Use Webinars For Your Business

One of the best visual formats to immediately draw and retain the attention of your prospects, Webinars are great lead nurture devices as well, since they draw and retain the attention of your prospects better than traditional written content. This is one of the major reasons why you can successfully encourage and motivate your potential customers to make a purchase through a webinar. The best thing about a webinar is that it doesn’t look too salesy, or too pushy (if you’re doing it right, that is).  Learn how to effectively use webinars to grow your online business!

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It’s About Time You Learn How To Harness The Power of Social Media In 10 Steps


Brand Authority

Find Out The Exact Steps To Gaining Trust And Authority In The Market Using The Power of Branding!Find Out The Exact Steps To Gaining Trust And Authority In The Market Using The Power of Branding!

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High Ticket Authority

How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying ClientsHow To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients

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Blog Authority

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Blog For Profit And Build a Raving Community!A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Blog For Profit And Build a Raving Community!

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