2 Super Secrets to Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Productivity

2 Super Secrets to Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Productivity

Today, technology offers us a vast array of time-saving tools and gadgets to help us save time and effort. These are marketed as productivity-booster and efficiency enhancers – but are they really?
The real source of your productivity is your brain. All the tools in the world are useless if your brain is just not “wired” for optimum productivity. The problem may lie in your brain‘s ability to stay alert, focused and motivated. There can be many reasons for this but the biggest culprit by far is stress, followed by your environment. This is where brain rewiring comes in.
By rewiring your brain, with these two simple methods, you will be amazed. They will have a huge impact on your productivity:

2 Super Secrets to Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Productivity

Method #1:  Rewire to redirect stress
Nothing kills productivity faster than an overstressed brain. Stress affects us negatively on so many levels, physical and mental.

  • It affects blood flow to the brain and slows down the cerebral cortex
  • It fogs thinking and decreases our ability to focus.
  • It can greatly affect our judgment and our ability to make the right decision
  • Severe stress triggers the “fight and flight” response, where we tend to react to situations emotionally rather than rationally.

This powerful method for redirecting stress is called MIR (Measure, Interrupt, Replace). Here’s how it works:

  • Whenever you become aware of stress you are aware of stress, the first thing you do is measure whether it is mild, moderate or severe.
  • Immediately interrupt your brain’s thought mode before it triggers a stress response, such as anger,  a rash decision, or a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Immediately replace the stress reaction with another action. This could be a deep breath, laughter or a 5-minute time out where you engage in a relaxing activity. You should redirect your response depending on your stress level. In cases of extreme stress for example, a brisk walk or a few minutes of meditation or deep breathing will work better than laughter.
  • Responding positively to stress releases the feel-good hormone dopamine into your brain and reduces the release of stress hormones.

Always redirect your response to stress in these positive ways.
Note: You will need to repeat this exercise intentionally at least 200 times before your mind becomes rewired and begins to respond this way automatically – and voila! You have rewired your brain to beat stress in almost any situation!

2 Super Secrets to Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Productivity

Method #2:  Consider a change in lighting
This may be surprising to you but the lighting in your workspace or home environment affects your cognitive processes. The following steps can boost your brainpower and productivity:

  • Blue lighting boosts your brain energy during the daytime, so make sure you are using blue light in your office or workspace.
  • Get rid of fluorescent lighting immediately. Your brain detects and processes the speed at which it flickers, and this saps your brain of energy. A tired brain results in diminished cognitive function.
  • Expose yourself to natural light as much as you can. Research has found that natural light has tremendous physical and mental regenerative properties.
  • Use Blue lighting in your bathroom to start your day with a powerful energy boost to your brain.

It’s not surprising that rewiring your brain  is becoming hugely popular. It costs nothing, it can be done by anyone and the results are guaranteed.
Becoming more productive has nothing to do with external tools and devices. It’s about rewiring your brain to deal efficiently with any situation. Start practicing these two methods today and enjoy the results!

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