(SEO4) Local SEO Plus

10 Keywords Local Package


Up to 30 hours of dedicated work from our Digital Marketers, Writers, Editors, and Webmasters.


Month 1 | Setup Phase


  • 30-minute intake call

    Our SEO campaigns start with a 30-minute intake call to ensure we completely understand the campaign goals and optimize our efforts to deliver the most return on investment.

  • Site Audit

    We do an extensive audit of the website to detect and prioritize all issues that can prevent performance and activities that help achieve goals. You’ll receive this audit as a white-label report customized to your brand.

  • Analytics Setup

    We will install and set up your site’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Search Console. These tools provide valuable insights into how users interact with your website, which can help inform and improve your SEO performance and strategy.

  • Local Optimization Setup

    Our experts start by creating your Google Business Profile and strengthening your online presence through citation building. We compile all the information you need in the Executive Report to show every listing created and how each of these listings provides the foundation for your online presence.

  • On-Page Optimization

    Our highly trained team of Digital Marketers, Writers, Editors, and Webmasters will allocate up to 15 hours to fix the most critical website issues regarding technical SEO and copywriting, including sitemaps and robots.

  • Content Creation

    Our writers and editors will create and/or update 4 pages of high-quality SEO-optimized content. All our on-page content strives to find the perfect balance between user experience and business goals.

  • Meta Title & Description Optimization

    Meta Titles &  Descriptions are essential factors for ranking and directly affect the click-through rate of impressions on search engines. Our SEO Specialists and writers will optimize up to 4 pages of the website.

  • Schema Markup Organization

    Working on a local brand, we will add schema elements and use the data highlighter application so search engines can better understand the content and help search engines display locally-essential contact information such as location, phone, email, and operating hours.

  • Initial Report

    At the first month’s end, we will finalize and compile the complete setup and optimization report in one neat file. All data from the initial report can also be seen through your dashboard in real-time.


Every Month Starting Month 2: Linkbuilding and Blog posts


  • 4 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links

    We will deliver 4 links from high DA blogs focused on a similar industry as the campaign. We guarantee x1 DA10 link, x2 DA20 links, and x1 DA30 link. These are the minimum guaranteed.

  • 1 Monthly Content Marketing Blog

    A content strategist and copywriter collaborate to produce content for your blog that will help build authority in your niche, drive keyword rankings, and provide helpful, valuable information to your audience.

  • 1 Social Media Post

    The blog post will have an accompanying social media post to help promote it on your channels, increasing its potential to drive traffic to your website.

  • 1 Monthly Google Business Profile Post

    Keep the content on your Google Business Profile fresh and engage with audiences who find you on local searches with post content that will increase your chances of appearing on the Google Map pack.

  • Reporting

    Every month, we will send you an updated report that details all the links, keywords, and URL’s that we’ve created for you through the outreach efforts. We provide all the information you need in total transparency to ensure your investment works for you.


Every Quarter Starting Month 3: Content Maintenance


  • Content Maintenance for 4 pages

    Every three months, an SEO specialist will check your site for more optimization opportunities based on performance. A copywriter will add content, insert keywords, and make changes to the content to make it more attractive to both visitors and search engines.

  • Metadata, Title Tag, URL Rewrites for 4 pages

    Optimizing metadata, title tags, and URL rewrites is crucial for improving your website’s visibility and increasing click-through rates on search engine results pages.




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