From the age of 10, I had always wanted to own and run my own business.  I think watching my dad with his “side hustle” that generated extra money for him beside his regular paycheck was a motivator as well.  I can remember the summers in the neighborhood where I was raised, and how I found ways of making extra money for my younger brother and myself.  We would take cool-aid, freeze it, and sell cups to our friends for 50 cent and bake Ms Good cookies and turn them around for profit.  Yep!  Entrepreneurship has always been a part of me!

Early in 2007, I received an email from a friend of mine in Tampa, FL, who was so thrilled to tell me about a money making opportunity that I had to try.  I had always, since the time I was a child, wanted to own a business.  I can recall selling Ms Good Cookies and Frozen Cool Aid in the summer time to my friends in the neighborhood.  This was the start of the spark I always had to be a business owner.  My friend told me that I could make money simply putting links on my web site and get money for them.  Of course, never hearing of anything like this, I was a total skeptic.  ”So your telling me that simply putting a link on a website would make me money?”  This was the start of my intense research and studies into online marketing, and was I blown away with the information that I was learning about!

I would spend the next 4 to 6 months just researching opportunities and various companies that were claiming to provide money to anyone interested in becoming “independent representatives.  I built my first website, which was a basic site since I really didn’t know what I was doing.  I put a few links on it and KABAAAM!!  NOTHING!!!  Like many beginners, I was thinking a few links on the site today, and cash tomorrow, but didn’t realize the process of internet marketing.  After a few more months, and learning the ends and outs, I started to see success with my endeavors.  Within 4 months after my first failed attempt, I received a check from Share A Sale, one of many affiliate marketing companies online, for $200.00.  The next two weeks, another check for $325.00, then another two weeks, $225.00, and the checks just kept rolling in, all from just a link on my site.  From that point on , I was convinced that internet marketing worked!!  I have been using various strategies and programs to generate additional income online, and would love to help you in any way I can.  Feel free to contact me anytime!