Internet Marketing The Consumer Is In Control

I heard someone say recently that marketing is simply an elaborate scheme to take your money by making you feel incomplete without the product being sold.
It is possible that this idea matches the way many people think about marketing. However, when it comes to Internet marketing there has been a shift in focus and the tables have been turned.
The focus of marketing has shifted the salesman to consumer advocate. That may sound like a conflict in terms, but the truth is marketing for the sake of improved sales often results in a decreased bottom line and a state of distrust with prospects.
The truth is were all tired of the quintessential marketing tactics that are high pressure and insist we are incapable of leading whole and productive lives without their product and or services.
We have ingrained in our minds toothpaste commercials that seem to insinuate that we will be attractive to the most beautiful people if we just used their products. Weve seen the car commercials that seem to indicate celebrities will be our friends if we drive a certain car and we all come away feeling as if the whole idea of marketing is simply a whole lot of hype about nothing.
The Internet places decision-making back in the hands of the consumer. While there are some that attempt to place a heavy marketing hand in consumer purchases most sites have to simply rely on the usefulness and quality of their product and customer service to facilitate an environment where a purchase can be considered.
The dynamics of face-to-face marketing are virtually eliminated in Internet marketing.
Heres the interesting part of the scenario; when you remove the pressure all you have left is the customer and how your product can connect with an actual need they may have.
If a customer conducts a search for a product or service you can be assured they already have an interest in what you have to offer. You can accentuate the positive by providing knowledge-based content that helps them understand the scope of your product or service and how it may fit their needs.
The more consumer centric your business website the better. In previous marketing endeavors the idea was to disarm the consumer and rush them toward a purchase they may regret later. This is what consumers recognize as marketing. When you honestly seek to put the customer first you will likely discover a better response long-term. You may also find repeat customers and referrals.
Todays consumer expects more and will keep looking until they find it. Frankly, consumers feel empowered when they are allowed to make a knowledgeable decision about a product they have researched and feel comfortable with.
Consumers can take all the time in the world with the Internet. They can bookmark your website and return to it several times if they want to in an effort to ensure they are satisfied with what they are considering.
These customers will also likely visit other sites as well so make sure to present your content with as much authority, integrity and honesty as possible. This works to assure the consumer that you are not blowing the products capabilities out of proportion.
With Internet marketing the consumer is in control.
Ignore this truth to your peril.

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