Internet Marketing Software: The Secret to Serious Online Profits

You have invested in website building and finally you have your state of the art website. You get excited about the massive income your website will bring to your bank account.
You engage the ordinary marketing methods i.e. PPC and the Classifieds. Two months down the line, your excitement is dying down. You havent made a single sale. In fact you wonder whether you will ever make any profits

It is a known fact that 95% of internet marketers never make it into profitable business. Only 5% become successful. You need to be smarter to be among the 5% successful marketers. But you ask mehow can I be smarter than the whole 95%? Well, there is a great difference between somebody doing it manually and someone using the modern state of the art technology. You can run but you will never catch up with somebody driving a car! A car can speed you up but you will never catch up with the plane. You must get into a plane to catch up with the fliers. You must make use of Internet Marketing Software, Period. Lets talk about flying now

7 Secrets to Successful Internet Marketing

1.Sell what the buyers need. You may have been putting the cart before the horse. You may be selling what the buyers arent looking for. Internet buyers are largely looking for information and solutions to problems. 90% of them type key word phrases in search engines. If you are to sell, then you must know the most typed in key word phrases the potential buyers type into search engines when searching for what they want. But how?you ask me. Ever heard of Keyword Elite by Brand callen? What of the google keyword suggestion tool? There is also the Overture keyword tool and many other keyword tools. Ignore the keyword tools at your peril. There are many keyword tools in the web. Do some research to find out the one that suits you. Avoid the free tools. They may not yield much. A toll like Key Word elite is commendable.
2.Beat the competition. Avoid optimizing on the most competitive key word phrases. There is cut throat competition for top key word phrases. The bid price could be too high for your budget. It is a well known fact that for every 100 clicks, one makes a sale. If 100 clicks will cost more than the profit margin of your product, you will make a loss. Do a little research and discover profitable key word phrase for your product.
3.Utilize Article Marketing. Most internet marketers are turning to article marketing for survival. Most surfers are searching for information in the web. If you can provide this information in articles and publish it, potential customers will find it. Your article should have a link to your website. If your information is good enough, the surfer will click your link and visit your site. Many marketers are getting thousands of visitors by this method. The good news is that there is no cost involved. Well written articles will give you more visitors than PPC campaign. The better news is that they can turn viral! You may be wondering how a ordinary guy like you can become an author of articles. Please read onYou dont have to be an author to write good articles. A good software such as the Instant Article wizard has turned many ordinary guys into Expert Authors. This tool will do all the research for you. You only need to key in the main keywords for your article. You will just edit the information to come up with a powerful keyword rich article. It is that simple.
4.Create compelling sales message. Once you have the prospect in your site you have to compel him to either buy or leave his contact details in your autoresponder. You may be wondering how you can create a compelling sales message. You do not need to struggle. Use a good squeeze page generator to do this. The super Squeeze Page Generator from Coral Palms Website will do the trick. Know your product thoroughly and then use the software to generate a powerful sales page. Avoid flashy colors and fancy fonts. Your sales page should be simple and to the point. Flashy colors distract the visitor from the sales message.
5.Make good use of free classified ads. Most gurus will discourage you from making use of free classified ads. But if used in the right way, free classified ads can bring you many visitors. I know it takes lots of time and hard work to post free classifieds. I have done it personally and I couldnt go far. The secret of classified ads is quantity. You must post to at least a thousand websites to get good results. Remember that a surfer will need to see your ad about seven times before clicking it. That means you have to post the ad to a thousand websites every day for seven days before you get serious results. You dread the work but you need the traffic. Worry not. Becanadas Power Ad submitter will do the trick. This is incredible software that is programmed to post your ad to thousands of websites automatically. You write only one ad and save it, fill in your details and click the button. Within thirty minutes your ad will be seen by millions in thousands of websites! You repeat this for seven days and you will notice the fruits. Visitor will start flooding in your site.
6.Take time to write to write good ads. If your ad is not appealing nobody will click it even when seen. You ad must have an eye-catching headline. It must also offer a solution to the surfer and finally tell him what to do. All this must be communicated in thirty words. You must really concentrate your energy in ad writing. You can make use of tools like Class Ad Factory V.1 software by . This is a simple but powerful tool that will guide you to write a classic ad that no surfer can resist.
7.Do not ever give up! Quitters never win and winners never quit. You need persistence to win in the internet. I will give you a free copy of a powerful motivation book to ensure that you do not give up. This book revolutionalised my way of thinking. It revealed the secrets of successful people. I am giving you Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill just to make sure that you will succeed.

Finally you will need to capture the names of your visitors. You must have a good autoresponder. This is a software that will receive the details of your visitor and automatically send him preprogrammed sales letters. I recommend Rapid Responsebot Pro Autoresponder system. It is easy to use and reliable customer service to help you set it up. Come up with a simple five day course to market your product. Put it into your autoresponder and set it to be sent to a subscriber every day for five days to begin with. You have the freedom of introducing new products to your subscribers latter.

Make good use of the best Internet marketing tools and you will succeed!

Sorry to have taken so much of your time. Thanks for reading.

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