Internet Marketing Seven Steps To Info-Nuggetry

If youve read any of my other articles you know I am a strong advocate of knowledge-based articles for your website. My opinion has not changed.
The problem some business sites face is not that they have knowledge-based content, but that the information is not user friendly.
Id like to pass along a few guidelines that I find useful when developing content for websites Im involved in.
1) Try to keep paragraphs relatively short (2-4 sentences). Long paragraphs may remind visitors of college and ummm, enough said.
2) Use sub headings. The use of bold sub headings can allow your site visitor to locate the most important information to them without feeling as if they need to look through the entire text.
3) Keep your content short. When possible keep your page content between 400-1,000 words. Less than that may be too little, more than that is always too much.
4) Use bullet points. The Internet is filled with human skimmers; make sure they have opportunity to find gems. They will be much more likely to keep exploring your cyber universe if you give them just enough Info-Nuggetry to keep them motivated.
5) Develop information modules. You can develop a skimmable page with detailed summaries of complimenting articles that can be read in a logical order. This can be a common source launching pad for knowledge-based exploration in a format that is easy to follow with modules that are easily defined.
6) Cross link your work. If you mention a topic that contains its own article make sure to link the topic for further review in another portion of your website. It may be additional work, but your site could be viewed as a mini university on either a niche or popular topic.
7) Consider developing additional information for autoresponders. If you can develop a knowledge based website with relevant content then the addition of an autoresponder ecourse may help in list building efforts while continuing the information exchange.
It wont take you long to visit websites with content that may be really good, but is hard to get through without the irresistible urge to hit the back button on your browser.
Maybe attention spans are getting shorter, but your site visitors will be happiest when you make sure they can access knowledge in bite sized on-the-go nuggets.
If you have existing content you would do well to see if you could revise it so it is significantly more user friendly.

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