Internet Marketing: How Difficult Is It?

Internet marketing is little different from any other form of marketing.
How do you react to that statement?
If you think it means you can apply the exact same marketing principles you would for a brick and mortar store you will likely miss the success that may be possible.
If you think it means you can apply similar philosophies in a new environment then you have succeeded in understanding the statement.
Common Parallels
In many brick and mortar stores you will find business owners who have a desire to build their business by developing a mailing list. These lists are derived from individuals who have expressed an interest in the product or service the business provides.
In online business you will find site owners seeking to gain email addresses from prospects and customers for the purpose of sending highly specific information on products or services provided.
In a brick and mortar store you may find business owners developing a newsletter than could benefit existing customers.
In an online store ezines or online articles are made available for existing and potential customers.
In a brick and mortar store you will find a business that relies on press releases to share growth and good news about the business.
In online stores you will also find the press release to be a friend to positive business growth.
Drawing Conclusions
An online business takes some of the same principles that can make a brick and mortar store successful and discovers how to apply them in cyberspace. Internet marketing draws from the same well as conventional marketing it simply applies the concept differently.
One of the bonuses for online business is email distribution is much less expensive than traditional print and postage costs while the turnaround time for impressions is much shorter. The delivery can be nearly instantaneous in many cases and the distribution of pre-produced welcome messages can be automated through autoresponders.
In many ways an online store can be a cost effective addition to a traditional brick and mortar store. The costs in adding an online presence is minimal in comparison to what it takes to get a standard business off the ground. Many businesses report the longer they are in business the more they rely on online sales.
Some former brick and mortar only stores now report that their online business is producing more than 75% of their annual profit.
If you already understand the basic concepts of marketing it may not be a difficult stretch to take than knowledge and learn how to make those concepts work online. Ultimately your overall business may get a shot in the arm in the process.

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