Internet Marketing – Finding A Niche

One hurdle people find difficult to overcome is choosing their first niche. What they’re suffering is that old “paralysis by analysis” feeling. They’re thinking so hard about what will make money via Internet marketing, that they’re totally ignoring one very important rule of business: Do what you love. If you aren’t having fun every day. What’s the point?

So, what can you do? Here are some ways that you can jog yourself into a great Internet marketing niche:

Decide what has fascinated you over the past 10 years. Maybe it’s comic books. I like comic books. Is it a good niche? Perhaps. But you might be into fishing or gardening, or even kite boarding. But whatever it is, it has to excite you. You have to have a desire to want to learn more about the subject or you already have to be very knowledgeable, but you have to enjoy whatever your niche is.

Go to the library and walk up and down the nonfiction aisles, while looking at the book titles. The first book you’re interested enough in to pick up might be a good choice of Internet marketing niche. But maybe not. Keep walking until you find something you can become engrossed in from antiques to zoology, you’ll certainly find something that draws you in.

But if that doesn’t work. Try giving yourself a sleep suggestion. When you close your eyes at night, ask yourself, what should my Internet marketing niche be? In the morning, you’ll probably come up with an answer. No one is sure how this works, but it does. And, it works for solving just about any problem. Your subconscious has the information. You just need to access it.

Don’t just settle on one Internet marketing niche, though. Try to come up with a list of about 5 that might be workable. Then, go over to the keyword selection tool at and plug your niches in, one at a time. See what kind of traffic the main keyword for your niche is getting. Go to AdWords and see what kind of traffic words are getting. For example, if I plug fishing into the “Google Traffic Estimator” I see that the competition is high, the cost per click for AdWords is $0.69 – $1.01 and that the term gets 8,000 – 10,000 clicks on AdWords ads per day. That’s a great niche to be in! On the other hand, if I plug in “basketweaving,” it’s at the other end of the spectrum. There’s little competition, and there’s only 1 click per day. Not too good. So, go through your list, until you find a term for which people are actively searching for and buying products.

Finding your Internet marketing niche shouldn’t be that hard. Don’t go nuts trying to decide what it is because it will probably change with time. You’re learning, so much of what you do at the start will be changed and modified as you learn more and progress. Just don’t’ freeze up. You’ll accomplish exactly zero, if you don’t start somewhere.

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