Internet Marketing And The Tidbit Generation

Take the time to look around you sometime in a public setting. Observe the people around you. Sit on one of those benches at the mall and pay attention to what you see.

Yes, you will see shoppers, and there will be those who engage others in conversation. However, you will likely notice a husband calling his wife by cell phone to ask questions about a potential purchase. You will probably see many teens pulling out a cell phone or Blackberry to either read or send a text message. A husband exhausted from shopping might use a portable device to check emails, sports scores or news. A twenty-something will likely be walking with ear buds in place listening to the soundtrack of their own existence through a portable mp3 device.

Even more traditional shopping venues are being infiltrated with the predominate influence of alternative media. No matter where we go we can be in touch with virtually anyone from anywhere.

A husband needs to pick up something at a lawn and garden store while his wife needs something from a candle shop. They go to the shopping center in the same vehicle, but go different directions. They use cell phones to reconnect with each other when necessary.

A father and son as well as the childs grandparents visit a museum. They have unique interests and part ways. A quick text message can help the separated parties find one another when it is time to leave.

Lap tops are common in coffee shops and bistros. It is not uncommon to see several customers using wi-fi connections to either conduct business or keep in touch with others.

We have become a culture incredibly dependent on the power of multiple connections. This truth should serve to help online business owners see the big picture in relation to who they serve and more importantly how to serve them.

More and more people are relying on text messages to convey thought. Instant messages are being used with increasing frequency. Emails have usurped the typical letter and online bill pay is a growing alternative.

The culture is nurturing the idea of online convenience.

Once you begin to understand the consumer you can begin to market more effectively. Since many are adopting a more text message type of interaction you might consider an instance message approach to customer service. Many sites are making use of a dedicated individual who can conduct a live chat with site visitors and help answer questions and direct customers to an onsite location of interest.

Make knowledge content pointed and with subheadings and bullets. Make it easy for visitors to find what they may be most interested in. The good news is this can be done within the context of accepted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

The truth is as more and more young people adopt the fast pace of the Internet online businesses will need to adapt their site promotion to reach a tidbit generation. This is a generation of sound bites, abbreviated messages, emoticons and impulse.

Find a way to promote your online business through Internet marketing that seeks to understand the culture and adapt their strategies to match the fast paced cultural shift.

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