How To Contact Brands As An Influencer

How To Contact Brands As An Influencer

Influencer marketing is going through one of its best moments today, that’s why big brands have bet on joining this digital strategy to promote their products. More and more companies are joining this practice to the point that it is becoming a genuinely professional strategy.

But does it have to be strict that a brand must contact you?
Not exactly. As an influencer in growth or as an already established one, you can contact those brands that are of interest to you to offer your collaboration. Beware, though! You must pay special attention to your presentation. The first impression you make will be the key to a successful result, and you will only get one chance to do so. That’s why we have prepared some tips for you to contact brands like a professional.

Use the right channels.

The first mistake some influencers make is to send a DM to the brands via Instagram. Don’t do it! You take the risk that your message will be lost, among many others, and your proposal will be ignored.

Locate an email that the brand has destined to the Marketing department or if it’s a smaller or emerging brand, contact them directly via WhatsApp. The treatment should be as human and personalized as possible, even if it is online. What you want is to receive all the attention, then show that you deserve it by being diligent in finding ways to make direct contact.

How To Contact Brands As An Influencer

As an influencer, you do everything possible to reach your community so that your target audience not only become followers of your brand but loyal consumers of your content. That is precisely what brands want that their product reaches their target audience.
Write a clear and precise message specially addressed to the brand, avoid copying and pasting, and remember that you intend to speak directly to whoever addresses the brand and that they notice your genuine interest.

Tell them who you are, what your main networks are, and the channels you use to reach your audience. Also, tell them the profile of the person who is following you. Remember that it’s about selling your image in an honest way to get the brand interested in you.

Have a Social Media Kit available

Providing data is essential to justify the investment the brand will make in the collaboration. If you don’t use any measurement tools, it’s time to start. Use Google Analytics, or if your main channel is Instagram, you can use Creator or Business accounts. These tools will help you get accurate measurements of your audience, the visits you have, where they are located, and even the most favorable times to post. Relevant data that any company will take into account.

The best way to summarize all this is to create a social media kit that serves as a presentation portfolio that you can include in your email.
Prepare it in the most professional way possible, take your time, and include real information from all the networks with which you can provide exposure to the brand.

How To Contact Brands As An Influencer

When you try to reach a brand, you must take into account your type of audience, approach brands whose interest is focused on an audience similar to yours because, in the long term, the intention is not only to get exposure through you. It is also about generating sales for the brand and awakening the interest of the community.

Also, remember to inform yourself about the brand; it’s not just about looking for collaboration. It’s about making a strong and close alliance so that a satisfactory job can be done. If you know the brand, you can expose it in the best possible way and also explain to them why they need you.

Take no for an answer.

If the company refuses to accept your request, you can contact them again a few months later to check if there have been any changes in your blog or social networks, or if they have told you that they do not need you at that time. But if they reject you again, cross them off your list and don’t contact them again. There is nothing worse than a pushy, annoying person. You are free to propose, and they are free to reject. Keep trying with other brands that identify with you and learn from your journey of becoming an influencer.

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