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You see, the success of social media is a bit of a mirage. First off, why does social media increase sales? Because it increases relationship and trust in a cold, branded, mass advertising-based world. So, by layering on social media to a big company that has zero consumer interaction, except for a customer service department that handles complaints, you immediately and of course add a level of increased trust and relationship.
But if you are a consulting firm, a doctor, a small business owner, a pet walker, a self-improvement coach, or any other small business that interacts with human’s face to face as your business model, when you move to social media to increase interaction with more individuals, you lower the average level of trust and relationship that occurs across the board. You commoditize your relationship experience, moving to a place where you are connecting with more and more people simultaneously but less personal involvement. And it feels like you are gaining more trust and respect, because of the fake interaction that is occurring. And for the small group of already-loyal clients and followers, you may increase exposure because now they are seeing you even when they don’t need you, when they open their Facebook page. And across the board, trust and relationship goes up.
So far so good. Operating according to the model.

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