Internet Marketing Things You Don't Need To Know


For some time now I have become disillusioned with running my own traditional style business. You know the one where you have to rent premises, pay rates, employ staff, keep large amounts of stock and a million of other time and financially consuming things. Anyway, a couple of months ago, I decided to investigate the possibility of starting my own internet business or as they say in the trade, become an internet marketer.
During my search of the net and on my many visits to literally hundreds of sites, I was cordially invited to join the many free courses and obtain numerous free newsletters. This was great, all this information was soon winging its way to me. However, it was only on further investigation that I realised that the newsletters were only telling me so much but to get the really important stuff I had to send money. Now dont get me wrong, I am a realist, I know there is no such thing as a free lunch, but hey, if I was to buy everything that everyone suggested I must have and really needed, not to mention the $5,000 courses and seminars that only a true internet marketer should attend then a remortgage of the family home was inevitable. Not being the impulsive type I refrained from enrolling for every must have marketing item. And I am glad I did as you will discover later.
What I did find most interesting and very amusing was some of the Headlines of the many automated emails I received and I thought I would share some of these with you.
So here goes.
What if?
He will email your ad to 1 MILLION people (sorta)
This is a killer
I am the Undisputed King of Cash.
Ive found it .
Get your site on Google in days
$250 – $500 every single day, guaranteed
Earn Minimum $300 A Day
Resources to Generate $11,643 Every Week
How He Makes $1500 Every Day
Powerful Training Methods
Start earning in 15 minutes from now
Get FREE links and Traffic within days
You will easily Earn $500 to $1,000
36 Ways to Affiliate Success
Profit Pulling Niche Packages
Limited Time Offer: Discover my Secrets, Earn $25,000 A Month
However, and what I mentioned earlier that you would discover later was during my investigations, I accidentally came across an excellent FREE eBook titled Perpetual Profits by Brian Campbell. This contained information which others were selling for $79 and upwards. I was so impressed with the content of the book I contacted Brian who kindly gave me his permission to distribute it. You can get your copy by visiting my website and I have attached a link below. Oh! and whilst you are there, sign up for my Newsletter. Only joking
Happy marketing.


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