Does Your Target Market SEE You? Turn up the Wattage


Does Your Target Market SEE You? Turn up the Wattage
One day I discovered that I was doing everything right. Why werent the clients coming? Metaphorically speaking I was operating at a 25-Watt bulb. What is your wattage? Your future clients cant see you sitting at your desk. If youre marketing with a 25-watt bulb your prospective clients may see you but unless you shine brightly and consistently, you will stay in the shadows.
When building a plan for greater visibility you want to look at several things.
1) Making sure you are aiming your light at the right target market. If you are just beginning in your field there is a tendency to spread a wide net. Once you gain more experience you find there are particular clients you really want to focus on. Then you have your more specific target market. The most non-effective way of shining your light is pointing it in all directions as if you were searching. Be focused.
2) What type of visibility tactics do you enjoy? This is important. If you dont enjoy what you are doing it will come across in your message.
If you enjoy speaking, what groups fit your criteria for your target market? Then, you might think of what groups fit the environment you enjoy. Once you have determined that, make those introductory calls to the group leaders and get on their speaking docket.
If you enjoy writing, what style of writing do you like? Mine happens to be writing from the heart through actual experiences. It is usually in story form. It reflects learnings and provides positive viewpoints giving others room to grow. The bottom line is, if you like to write — then write! Do it in your style and get your stories out to your market.
If you enjoy facilitating what could you bring as a sampling of your work. I have a friend with an Improv business. She and her staff host an open house at different times during the year to let the public experience what they do. They invite current and past clients as well as new possibilities. In Person and Sampling is most effective for them to build their database as well as client base.
I could go on but I bet you get the idea. Whatever approach you use, pay attention to what you enjoy and the strengths you have. Dont be afraid to be creative. Thats when your uniqueness will shine.
3) Find other businesses that compliment what you do and visa versa. I have just approached several coaching and alternative healthcare website owners to offer article content. I provide the articles at no charge and they provide their database with the information. It is a win/win opportunity. I have a peer and friend with who consistently looks for complimentary content that will benefit her client base. She has already requested this article be on her database before its ready to go. There are many publishers on the Internet that will place your article on their website at no charge for other business owners to pick up. i.e. and
There are also other websites that have a range of what they charge to publish your work i.e., or (provides the Slightly Famous Marketing Plan Guide for free when you sign up for their free newsletter)
What will you do to be seen? Think about what you enjoy, what is most effective for your product or service and get out there and DO IT! Consistency is the key. Choose one or two marketing approaches, stick to the plan and work it. You will be happy with the results.


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