Internet Marketing The Art Of Capitalizing On Content

Ive said before that marketing is all about content. The carefully chosen words on your website can have a profound impact on your placement in search engines and in the perception many online users have of your website.
Im going to suggest something that you might never have considered before. When you have some spare time write an article for your website. In between other marketing efforts write an article for your website. When you have an idea write an article for your website.
For those who dont write their own articles my suggestion would be to either locate a freelance writer to help you with new content or peruse free article directories to locate new content that matches the needs of your website.
When you keep the content fresh on your website you give your site visitors a reason to come back. If you rarely change your website contents it wont be long before the visitor comes away with the feeling, Well, theres nothing left to see here. Chances are pretty good you may have lost them when they get to that point.
The generation of new content for your site does not have to be an effort at wheel reinvention. You can take one topic and come at it from different angles. For instance you could write one article on the benefits of the product. Another article could be crafted that deals with the uses of the product. You can look at the history of the product, the inspiration for development, testimonials, unusual uses and an article that confronts any misconceptions of the product.
It is not uncommon for someone to write an article and feel as if they have reported everything they can reasonably think of in relation to the product or service.
My list above doesnt even cover topics like how-to or uses of the product in conjunction with other complimentary products. You might even consider an interview article that speaks with either the creator of the product or someone who can talk about the product from the perspective of a satisfied customer.
If your product has multiple functions you might consider an article dealing with the technical aspects in a laypersons guide.
Articles can be a positive means of marketing your website because it appeases the need site visitors have to gain as much information about a product as possible. This approach also has significant meaning to search engines that are looking for websites that prove they are willing to grow.
What do you do when these articles are removed from front-page status? There are several things you can do with them; however the last thing you should do is simply abandon them as something that no longer has worth.
You can place them in a searchable archive where visitors can access files that can help them. You can also submit them to free article directories to give them new life on other sites while allowing them to generate traffic back to your primary site in the form of backlinks. You can also accumulate and assemble information and develop an ebook that you can either sell or give away as a site premium.
Content remains the primary marketing tool you have with online business. Make time to write or find fresh content for site visitors and search engines and watch your site positively perform.

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