Internet Marketing: Good Guy Marketing

internet marketing

Internet Marketing: Good Guy Marketing

In times past when an expert had something to say they made themselves available to magazines, newspapers, radio and television to spread some of their knowledge to the masses. In the 21st Century this dynamic has changed, especially with internet marketing

Today experts are often found posting in the form of personal or business blogs, social networks or message boards.

These same individuals will likely produce articles of their own and make them freely available on the web.

It would seem that mentoring has found a new way to express itself. Experts seem eager to pass along information. If youve ever wondered what benefit there is to these experts this article will seek to explain how helping others can have a profound effect on personal success.

Internet Marketing: Good Guy Marketing

The primary benefit for experts is that whenever they post on a blog or forum they can place a link to their business website in the signature line of the post. This signature remains in place for site visitors, but it is also picked up as a backlink by search engines.

By helping others develop their knowledge on an issue you can also provide another series of backlinks to your website.

I suppose this may sound like a selfish motivation, but if you look historically at business it has always been driven by seeking to help consumers understand how to use your product and help them understand why your product is superior to others. This is the premise of Good Guy internet marketing.

This idea isnt all that different from the interviews for print publication of yesteryear except that the end result can be global instead of regional or national in scope. In times past an article would include a byline on the individual being interviewed and it would typically result in interest by others in the work or product they were involved in.

Today, that process is altered in that the expert can develop information when they want and make it available to free article directories without the need for a willing publication. In many ways this scenario is much more beneficial to both informed consumers as well as the Good Guy marketer.

Internet Marketing: Good Guy Marketing

The good thing about this Internet marketing strategy is that it can be done without a significant amount of fanfare. You can simply respond to posts, create your own posts or develop articles because it serves a valued purpose. The tag line information can be set to come up automatically. In essence marketing is taking place in an arena where you are simply sharing your knowledge with those who are most interested. This could well be one of the best forms of marketing available.



internet marketing

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