Follow the Trail Of Social Media Success


Follow the Trail Of Social Media Success

Follow the trail of other businesses and affiliates that are successful on social media. Which sites are they using and earning from?
No matter which niche you’re in, it’s likely that you’ll find affiliates who are really active on Facebook. They might have a popular Facebook page or Facebook group or something like that. Facebook is a great place to start.
The very best social affiliate marketers are probably making sales of products as affiliates in ways you wouldn’t even notice upfront. They aren’t just spamming these sites with their affiliate links left and right.
The best affiliates build up their audience. They take that Facebook page or Facebook group or whatever it is and build up a responsive and loyal audience. They share things that audience is interested in learning more about. They answer questions, ask questions, and just generally show themselves to be important and loyal members of that audience. They become an authority to their followers.
Again, they don’t just post about their projects all the time. But, they probably do share of themselves. They might talk about things that are going on in their life or business. They share about things they’re working on.
Also, instead of directly promoting the heck out of things on these social platforms, they’re working hard to build the right way. They likely funnel traffic back to an email list. They know that social media sites might not be here in the years to come—at least not in the way they exist today. So, they get their followers on an email list.
They probably build their email list by giving things away for free. In a way that benefits the reader, they frequently direct people to get something for free and join their email list.
It’s only then that they promote anything. And, they continue to build a relationship with those on their list.
They combine affiliate marketing, social media, and email marketing in a really masterful way.
Who’s doing this in your niche? It can be helpful to take notes to come up with ideas for how you might use social media to promote products as an affiliate.

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